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Another Day of the Week

October 19, 2016

 Well, I made it to hump day.  I didn't hear my alarm and woke up a hour late, but was only 30 min. late for work.  Thank god no one depends on me to be on time.  That's one of the things a I love about my job.  I can also type blogs in between doing job related tasks throughout the day. lol.  I'm gonna try to make it to the gym today after work.  


My poor baby caught the flu, so she'll be out of school until Monday.  It sucks that she'll miss some fun events at her school.  I remember that happened to me in 3rd grade.  I think I had the flu - or chicken pox - or strep and missed some fun stuff in Mrs... OMG, I forgot her name!! Ugh, I'm getting old.  Anyway,  I'm so blessed that Kat is staying with Mom and Sue.  Sue took her to the ER and mom is sitting with her all day.  I don't like that Cat doubts me a WHOLE lot.  OK, I am notorious for being late, but other than that, I can't think of why she doubts me so much.  That just makes me not want to be dependable or go out of my way for because she doesn't notice.  She still sees me as an unreliable mother.  It really hurts my feelings.  


The other day she was trying to make a joke about how she hadn't changed her 2 parakeets food and water.  Susanne had told her she wanted to speak with her (aka lecture her).  Kat was so uptight and scared she wanted to drop getting dinner takeout and watching Beetle-juice and have me bring her home right away because she thought she was in trouble with Susanne.  I was like, fuck it(in my head), and turned the car around to head back to their house.  Kat was so nervous that she called Susanne again to ask if she was in trouble and Susanne explained how disappointed she was that Kat neglected her birds.  Kat, hangs up relieved that that was all it was then say something like, " I don't want to be like some mothers".  What!?  She was referring to me.  I blatantly told her I didn't think that was funny. I was serious (which isn't like me). She apologized.


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