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People are Awesome

October 16, 2016

I had an off day on Sunday, of which, later I found out it was a full moon.  I usually walk around too stuck in my head of meaningless thoughts and worries  to notice the people around me, but on Sunday my eyes were opened to how generous and awesome people are.  I was checking out my groceries at the register at Krogers and digging in the purse for my keys.  When I didn't feel them, my heart dropped into my stomach.  I didn't panic right away.  I went outside and emptied my purse.  "Could I have left the keys in my car?"  Of course not, I must have dropped them digging for a pumpkin.  The first Krogers employee I saw I asked in a stressful tone if anyone had found keys.  He came back after checking inside and replied no one had found any or turned any in.  


I went to my car, but didn't see my keys anywhere.  I had a feeling that they were in the store, so I meandered my way throughout the store with my cart full of bagged groceries.  I felt so...vulnerable when I didn't find them.  Then I pulled out my phone to call my mom to come pick me up to pick up my extra key out the house and discovered it was completely dead!  


I determined I would leave my groceries at Krogers and walk home--then back with the keys.  When I ask the young employee she said I could use their phone.  Needless to say, I don't know anyone's number but my own.  The girl said she'd go see if anyone had an iphone charger and the black woman behind me pulled out her charger and said "will this work".  She even offered to come back later to pick up her charger so that my phone could finish charging. I think she used to work there and knew the manager, but still, she was so amazingly generous.


Susanne came to pick me up, get my back-up key, and dropped me back  off at my car.  My keys were in a shopping bag I was  fiddling with before I left the car.  Wow, that really made me doubt my intuition.  It's so hard to know what is wishful thinking versus intuition.


I could have focused on what bad luck it was at the store, but I'm really blessed at how many people were so caring and generous to help me out.



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